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32 2 0343 35 Venta Nīgrande - Skrunda  

In Nīgrande (B) - the most nicest section of Venta starts. The next 13,2km till the Letiza estuary is a string of islets, fords and quick-streams. Behind the outlet of the Skervelis (C) the Venta still flows quite rapidly and beautiful forests appear on the banks. After a wide curve the Venta carves into a dolomite detrition about 13m in height. These are the Gobdzini rocks. Here is an overflow in the river; the place is beautiful and it is definitely worth stopping and climbing the rocks to view the landscape.

 Behind Gobdzini rocks thee forest withdraws from the river, it throws a few large arcs until paddlers spot the church towers of Leni Catholic church. Right at the foot of the Church is a good place to finish paddling. The next 8.8 km to Skrunda the Venta flows through farmed fields. There is nothing special to see here - everything depends on your companions and the motivation to reach Skrunda (D) - another possible finish station for paddling.